School Bus Drivers

One of the most important positions at Visser Bus Services is our School Bus Drivers.  They are the first person children see before they start their school day and the last before they go home.  That is why we focus on training and retaining the best school bus drivers around.  They are focused on safety, customer service, and being the best driver they can be when they are on the road.  Are you the next great driver to drive for Visser Bus? 

School Bus Attendant 

Another very important position at Visser Bus Services is the School Bus Attendant.  There are times that some of our routes require an attendant to ride the bus with the students.  Sometimes this may be for discipline, or to meet the needs of one of our special needs students.  

It is imperative that you enjoy children and you want to make sure they safe going to school and home every day.

Current Open Positions

We are currently hiring for current certified school bus drivers.  And also accepting applications for those interested in becoming a school bus driver or school bus attendant.  Please follow the link below for our application, fill it out, and if you are a driver or would like to become one, please bring an H-6 printout from the DMV.  Please call one of our offices prior to bringing in your application to make sure that a staff member will be at the office to accept it.   

Click the link for application:   Employment Application