Services and Bus Types

We provide home-to-school transportation, special needs transportation, field trips, sports trips, school bus charter trips, and much more!  We have many different types of buses to meet your needs.  We have 84 passenger transit school buses, some with air-conditioning and seat belts, all with full under bus storage.  We have wheelchair school buses along with 25 passenger school buses.  

All of our trip drivers are mountain qualified and chain qualified to drive in snow and icy conditions.  So we can get you to your destination in almost any weather.  Our rates are very competitive and our buses are always clean.  


Safety is the highest priority of everyone at Visser Bus Services. We continuously educate our employees on the latest safety standards to ensure the highest passenger safety.  Our drivers meet and exceed State and Federal mandates for school bus driver training.  Drivers receive many hours of classroom training, behind-the-wheel training, pre-employment and ongoing random drug and alcohol testing, driving record and background checks, and medical exams.  Our buses and driver records are all inspected annually by the California Highway Patrol.  


When it comes to maintenance on our buses, we make sure that the students and people we carry on the safest buses possible.  Every day our drivers perform a multi-point pre-trip inspection at the beginning of their day and at the end of the day a post-trip inspection to check for any kind of safety related defect that may need immediate attention from one of our mechanics.  

When it comes to preventive maintenance, each state is different.  In the state of California preventive maintenance checks must be done every 45 days.  Typically our technicians perform our different preventive maintenance checks every 30 days or if the amount of miles the bus has driven that month determines the bus needs maintenance.